Lily PG Keel Laying

The Lily PG's keel was successfully laid in September at RMK Marine shipyard. Construction of the vessel continues at pace…

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PGT's relief effort recognised

Pritchard-Gordon Tanker's relief effort has been recognized by the The RH Sir Nicholas Soames (MP for Mid-Sussex). Working along side…

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Recruiting Cadets

Pritchard-Gordon Tankers Ltd are now recruiting Deck and Engineering Cadets for the September 2018 intake. Come and meet us at…

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Rose PG naming

All at Pritchard-Gordon Tankers are pleased to confirm the Rose PG was named at a ceremony at RMK Marine's shipyard…

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Rose PG successfully launched

Pritchard-Gordon Tankers are delighted to announce the successful launch of the Rose PG with delivery expected later this summer.

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Second vessel from RMK

All at PG Tankers are delighted to announce the order of a second 7,000 dwt tanker from RMK Marine (Istanbul).…

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Rose PG keel laying

Alice Wingfield Digby, Director of PGT and mother of Rose Wingfield Digby after whom the vessel will be named, successfully laying…

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Rose PG construction begins

In early March construction of the Rose PG began in earnest.  

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New Building Programme

Everyone at PG Tankers is very pleased that the Company has now confirmed its order for one option one newbuilding…

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Hurricane Joaquin rescue

On the 2nd October, whilst on an altered course to avoid Hurricane Joaquin, the Henrietta PG rescued 8 crew members…

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